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The Land Of Opportunity

Sultanate of Oman ranks 53 globally and 6th in the Arab world in the 2019 Global Competitiveness Index, which comes as a result of economic and social policies based on enabling opportunities. The cultural diversity and its long history and political stability are all factors that make it an ideal and sustainable destination for investment.

Sutanate of Oman, Muscat, Muscat Hills, Madinat Alirfan

inverst in Oman
Sultanate of Oman

Key Economics Indicators

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Gdp* Growth Forecast

5.323 M

Country Population

US$27.4 BN

Government Revenue

US$48.21 BN

Export (goods & Services)

US$33.6 BN

Import (goods & Services)

Sultanate of Oman

Invest In Oman

Exceptional investment opportunity: strategic location, with a legal transparency and stable environment take you to a stable environment that inspired investment destination and make your business grow up.

  • 100% foreign Freehold
  • Residential visa for investors
  • Stable politics and transparency
  • Residential visa for investors
  • 10% annual profit return
  • Centralized management
  • Various government facilities
  • Diversified economic inves

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A Residential & Commercial Experts property in Muscat. Putting high-end property on the map. More than 31 Properties developers around Oman.

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Muscat Pavilion offers investors agile and flexible investment opportunities in a unique destination that is supported by state of the art amenities and infrastructure.